Driving Safely in Construction Zones

In the US, we are lucky to live in a country that takes care of its road network. However, this also means that roads will require constant maintenance. This means that you are almost guaranteed to come upon a construction zone at some point in your life. Although fatalities are quite low in construction zones, over 80% of all fatalities in construction zones are of the driver or passenger. This can be avoided with a few safety tips.

  • Be Attentive to the Signs

There are a number of different signs used in construction zones. If you are not fully conversant with them, make the internet your friend. Pay close attention to what the sign actually says. Sometimes, it might indicate you are headed for a manhole or the road is too slippery. Ensure that you correctly interpret each sign.

  • Slow Down

No matter how of a hurry you are in, drive at the slowest speed possible. Events at a construction site are always changing. For instance, a truck full of sand or ballast may accidentally spill its contents. If you are moving too fast, you will have a hard time controlling the vehicle. Driving slowly assists you to read the signs and process instructions from those at the construction zone.   When within the construction zone do not increase your speed until you are told to do so. Wait until you see the sign that says you are clear. The signs are placed there after many years of research and experience. It could also lead to some huge fines if you ignore these signs.

  • Avoid Tailgating

This is something that should be avoided both at the construction site and away from it. Keep a healthy distance between yourself and other motorists. Ideally, keep the distance, at least, twenty meters if there is no congestion. The closer you get to a car in front of you, the higher your chances of an accident. If someone tailgates you, do not slam on your brakes to warn them. Simply pull over to the side and let them pass. You will be saving yourself the trouble of a possible accident.

  • Calm Down

The slow traffic at construction sites can lead to flare ups. However, do not try to unload your stress on others. This could to serious incidents of road rage. Try and keep relaxed as much as possible. For instance, you could listen to some relaxing music to help keep you focused. Remember that the roads are being maintained for your benefit.

  • Be Ready For Anything

Anything can happen; a construction worker could suddenly jump in front of your vehicle. In addition, huge concrete pipes could suddenly start rolling your way. The earlier you spot any odd incidents the higher your chances of survival. Avoid using your cell phone or cracking lengthy jokes with others in the car. This could lead to the loss of concentration. In addition, make sure your radio is turned on low so that you can hear any instructions from the workers.  The road construction sites are a hazard zone. Failure to follow instructions usually leads to hefty fines. It might also create complications with the premiums you pay to the insurance company.  If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident near a construction zone, contact the best personal injury lawyer near you to help you protect your rights.

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage ?

The uninsured motorist coverage is a unique feature of American insurance companies. For a certain premium, a driver can receive compensation if he or she is involved in an accident. In such a case, the driver of the other car may not have insurance. As such, he or she will not be able to pay for the damages. The insurance company steps in and pays the difference.

Who Is an Uninsured Person?

For legal purposes, an uninsured person is one who does not have any coverage for the vehicle they are driving. In such a case, the person has no financial means to pay for the damages. In most states, it is illegal for you to operate a vehicle without any insurance. However, it still does happen sometimes. Thus, it is better to be on the safe side of and have.  An uninsured person is also a person who flees an accident scene. This is illegal in most states but it still does happen. For instance, someone may have stolen the car and they do not wish to be caught. Because of insufficient information to identify the person, he or she is considered uninsured.  Any vehicle that has been stolen in considered uninsured. That means from the period the owner reports to the time it is recovered, the car remains uninsured. The owner of the vehicle cannot be held liable for any accidents that the vehicle is involved in.

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Cover

In some cases after an accident, you may be badly injured. In such an instance, you have to get medical treatment. In such a case, you insurance company will pay for lost wages, medical treatments and the suffering and pain of being in an accident. However, proving pain and suffering can be a bit challenging. This is why it is essential that one maintains good hospital records.

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

Such an instance applies when the other party does not have any type of coverage. It may also be that they have insufficient coverage. In such a case, your insurance company will try to recover the other party’s assets to cover for the costs. However, most people without insurance also have recoverable assets. As a result, the insurance company pays for everything.   Under this arrangement, your property is insured from damage. For instance, your cell phone, your house and fence are covered. In the case of any repairs, the insurance is responsible for conducting all the maintenance.


In case a motorist runs away without leaving details, the law requires that you file a lawsuit against the John Doe. In such an instance, winning the case is usually very easy. Insurance companies will also require that you sue the party responsible for the accident. In some instances, it is a requirement that you win the case against the defendant. In some cases, a person can increase the amount they get from the insurance company. This is through a phenomenon known as policy stacking. You simply stack all your insurance policies into one and get payment.


Common Factors Leading To Road Rage

Road rage is a common phenomenon that occurs on the highways. It is defined as aggressive driving, which may have serious consequences for the driver. There is no one who is predisposed to it; road rage can affect anyone. Besides the risk of injury, it could also lead to expensive lawsuits. As a result, identifying the common causes of road rage can help one avoid it next time.

Gridlock Traffic

For some reason, most road rage tends to occur in heavy traffic or construction zones. Some drivers become irrational and start hurling insults at others. Whenever you are in gridlock traffic, remember that it is not the other driver’s fault. Everyone is in the same situation and it would be a good idea to calm down. Try some breathing exercises when you feel that someone has wronged you in some way. In connection to this, the frustration you are experiencing from being delayed should not be dumped on other people.

Slow Drivers

This is one of the most common causes of flare-ups on roads. A slow driver is someone who is driving, at least, 20mph below the speed limit. This can be irritating and some people usually result to honking at the slow driver. If this happens, try to overtake him or her and leave them be. If you start hurling insults at them, you will not be able to concentrate on the road. You could smash into oncoming traffic, which can be quite disastrous.


This is another common cause of road rage. When people come from different regions of the world, they may have some differences. These differences can lead to road rage, especially if the parties have a problem in communication. If one is new in a country, it is best to try to learn the norms as fast as possible. This can help one to avoid unnecessary incidents. In addition, if one is driving through an area where there is a huge population of new immigrants, it best to be sympathetic. Try to understand their situation and ugly incidents will be averted.  Tourists also fall into this category. Although they are not there permanently, they still make a significant contribution to road rage. As a tourist, one should endeavor to look for a taxi or other service to drive them around town. Otherwise, simple mistakes could be seen as very offensive to the locals.  On the other hand, if you are driving through an area with many tourists such as resorts, be very understanding. Do not engage them in unnecessary verbal exchanges; forgive them because they may not be fully conversant with the laws. If you think they are a danger, report them to the police.

Leave Your Rage Before Entering a Vehicle

Another reason many people drive angrily is that they are simply having an awful day. For instance, you could have just been laid off and you do not know what to do. If this happens, you do not have to take your anger out on other drivers. Recognize the fact that everyone has his or her own issues to deal with. Besides, being arrested will only make your bad day worse.