Driving Safely in Construction Zones

In the US, we are lucky to live in a country that takes care of its road network. However, this also means that roads will require constant maintenance. This means that you are almost guaranteed to come upon a construction zone at some point in your life. Although fatalities are quite low in construction zones, over 80% of all fatalities in construction zones are of the driver or passenger. This can be avoided with a few safety tips.

  • Be Attentive to the Signs

There are a number of different signs used in construction zones. If you are not fully conversant with them, make the internet your friend. Pay close attention to what the sign actually says. Sometimes, it might indicate you are headed for a manhole or the road is too slippery. Ensure that you correctly interpret each sign.

  • Slow Down

No matter how of a hurry you are in, drive at the slowest speed possible. Events at a construction site are always changing. For instance, a truck full of sand or ballast may accidentally spill its contents. If you are moving too fast, you will have a hard time controlling the vehicle. Driving slowly assists you to read the signs and process instructions from those at the construction zone.   When within the construction zone do not increase your speed until you are told to do so. Wait until you see the sign that says you are clear. The signs are placed there after many years of research and experience. It could also lead to some huge fines if you ignore these signs.

  • Avoid Tailgating

This is something that should be avoided both at the construction site and away from it. Keep a healthy distance between yourself and other motorists. Ideally, keep the distance, at least, twenty meters if there is no congestion. The closer you get to a car in front of you, the higher your chances of an accident. If someone tailgates you, do not slam on your brakes to warn them. Simply pull over to the side and let them pass. You will be saving yourself the trouble of a possible accident.

  • Calm Down

The slow traffic at construction sites can lead to flare ups. However, do not try to unload your stress on others. This could to serious incidents of road rage. Try and keep relaxed as much as possible. For instance, you could listen to some relaxing music to help keep you focused. Remember that the roads are being maintained for your benefit.

  • Be Ready For Anything

Anything can happen; a construction worker could suddenly jump in front of your vehicle. In addition, huge concrete pipes could suddenly start rolling your way. The earlier you spot any odd incidents the higher your chances of survival. Avoid using your cell phone or cracking lengthy jokes with others in the car. This could lead to the loss of concentration. In addition, make sure your radio is turned on low so that you can hear any instructions from the workers.  The road construction sites are a hazard zone. Failure to follow instructions usually leads to hefty fines. It might also create complications with the premiums you pay to the insurance company.  If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident near a construction zone, contact the best personal injury lawyer near you to help you protect your rights.

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